Other Bird Deterrent Options

Bird Shock Track


Flat track provides birds a mild shock that trains them to stay away from the area the track is in.  It is a low profile product

Eagle Eye


The eagle eye uses the suns rays to retract light in a menacing pattern in the bird's airspace.  This product is only good for birds that are new to the area. They quickly learn it's an unsafe area to fly.

Bird Slope


This product can be installed on ledges where birds are sitting or roosting. Birds are unable to sit and the slide causes them to slide off.  

Bird Wire


Bird Wire is installed on pipes, railings, and anywhere birds have a small surface to land on.  This product is approved by the GSA for Historic Buildings.

Daddi Long Legs


Daddi Long Legs look like a giant spider to birds. They also have moving arms that sweep birds off if they try to land. This product is great for big, open rooftops and HVAC units.

Grid Wire


Grid Wire is used for bigger birds like crows and seagulls. This wire is installed with tension. It restricts birds from flying through due to their wing spans.  

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