Bird Removal

Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Control

  • Trapping: not always the only solution, but is a part of it
  • Fake Owls or Hawks: pigeons get used to them and will no longer be effective
  • Bird Spikes: only work for pigeons (not other birds) when applied when the pressure is light
  • The Midwest Bird Control Team are experts at recommending and installing the best permanent solution for your property.
  • Joshua "TRapper" Jones and Daniel Harris are Certified Installers of Bird B Gone, Bird X, and Bird Barrier products 

Pigeon Damage

  • Droppings are acidic and will eat away paint
  • When fungus grows on droppings it can cause a respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis
  • Roosting and loafing can cause unsightly issues for your company image

Pigeon Habits

  • Rely on people for food like bird seeds, spilled grain, etc.
  • Rely on people for shelter to nest, roost, or loaf (high rise buildings, signage, edges of a parapet roof, overhangs on roofs and commercial buildings)
  • Natural predators are hawks, owls, falcons (and the Midwest Bird Control Team)
  • Breeding can occur at all times of the year but most in Spring and Fall

The Midwest Bird Control Team have the knowledge to recommend the product that will provide the most effective, long term solution for your situation. 

Crow Removal

Crow Control

  • Fake hawks or owls are not the solution
  • Utilize more permanent products like ledge deterrents and bird netting 

Crow Damage

  • Damaging to surfaces due to heavy roosting and nesting  
  • The droppings of large birds, like crows, are destructive to rooftops. 

Crow Habits

  • Crows are intelligent and determined birds with good memories.  
  • Rooftops are an ideal place for night roosting. The pipes provide heat and an excellent place to survey the landscape below.

To remove crows, you must be ready to fight. And the Midwest Bird Control Team knows how to defeat them every time. 

Sea Gull Removal

Sea Gull Control

  • Wire grid systems on building tops are effective.
  • Netting is also a great way to keep sea gulls out of certain areas. 

Sea Gull Damage

  • Large build up of gull droppings can damage your property.
  • Dump sites, boat covers, docks, piers, and harbors are typical locations for gull damage.

Sea Gull Habits

  • Gulls prefer nests on the ground in open areas, but will also use rooftops.  
  • They nest in colonies which creates problems for building owners as well as marine based businesses.

Sparrow Removal

Sparrow Control

  • The most effective method of control is netting.  
  • Bird spikes are ineffective as sparrows can build nests inside them. 
  • A site evaluation must be done for birds within a store. 

Sparrow Damage

  • Problematic for manufacturing and food processing plants
  • Create health concerns for grocery stores 

Sparrow Habits

  • Nests are large compared to their small size. 
  • They prefer small enclosed places like house shutters, drainage pipes, and rafters of buildings.
  • One nest will house many families.

Additional Bird Removal

The Midwest Bird Control Team is trained and certified to remove and control starling, barn swallow, turkey vulture, and woodpeckers. Our team has the knowledge and products to effectively eliminate your bird problem.

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