Why are bird droppings and nests a problem?


Roof or Fire Damage

Bird droppings are very acidic.  They will  eat away at many roof materials, especially tar based. When droppings build up on your roof, they will eat their way through causing leaks. Bird droppings can cut the life of a warehouse roof in half by a continuous application. 

Bird nests by pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are often found in rain gutters, drains, and corners. These nests can clog downspouts and preventing water drainage. Overtime this can cause a roof to collapse. 

The elements of a bird nest, such as straw, dried grass, twigs, and even dried droppings, are very flammable. Nest that built inside electrical boxes or other machinery can lead to fire damage. Bird nests frequently create sign fires for Electric Sign Companies. 

Diseases Found in Birds

 There are many diseases associated with birds: Paratyphoid, Vibriosis, Salmonella, Listeriosis, Pasteurellosis, Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Sarcosporidiosias, Blastomycosis, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Newcastle Disease, St. Louis Encephalitis, Toxoplasmosis, Trichomoniasis, American Trypansomiasis, Rickets.

Birds transfer these diseases into people in four different ways. As you read them below, try to think about which of these is a possibility at your location.

#1 Food & Water Contaminated by Feces

Bird defecates into human food or water source.  Health inspectors are very quick to shut down food processing plants once they have located birds inside the facility (protecting the outside of the facility is the correct way to keep birds away from the entrance areas).

Beside direct contamination, airborne spores from drying feces in air ducts and vents (common place birds like to nest or roost around) can settle on exposed food and transfer disease. Experts believe this is often the cause of salmonella.

#2 Inhalation of Fecal Dust

As bird feces dry, microscopic pieces break off and become airborne.  These particles can contain a dormant fungi or bacteria and can be infectious if breathed in. The most common disease is Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease caused by inhalation.

#3 Direct Contact with Feces

Infection will occur when a worker or resident gets fecal dust or droppings in an open wound. Proper attire must be worn when working around bird droppings, or when cleaning them up.  Proper attire includes, but is not limited to, Full Face Respirator, Hepa Organic Filters, Tyvek Suit with hood, Industrial strength rubber elbow gloves, and Rubber Boots.

#4 Associated Parasites

Birds commonly harbor ticks, fleas, mites, and other parasites. A parasite infects another animal or human being by being transferred through droppings, nests, and the actual bird when a host comes into contact. Over forty types of parasites have been found to either live on the birds, in their nests, droppings, or roosting areas. 

Midwest Bird Control specializes in thoroughly cleaning up and sterilizing the mess left behind by birds.  Minimal chance (if not zero) remains for potential bird diseases from hazardous bird waste.

Damage to Machinery & Automobiles

Bird droppings are acidic and can damage HVAC units, industrial machinery siding, insulation, etc. This also increases employee exposure to a possible dangerous health-risk

Automobile damage occurs to the finish of the paint.  Pigeon droppings are especially corrosive and can eat into the protective coating.

Damage to Company Image

Customers first look at a businesses's exterior when considering it as a place to shop or eat. Your company's image starts with the look.  

Bird nests and droppings send a message that the building is not maintained well.  And if you have a restaurant, they might question  the cleanliness of the kitchen as well.   

Ventilation Systems Blocked by Bird Nests

Birds love to build nests in areas that are free from predators reach. Ventilation areas such as dryer vents, furnace, air intake, and other type attic vents give birds the perfect place to live but this also restricts air flow into the home or building.  in 1995, a family in Cleveland lost their lives due to carbon monoxide because the exhaust vent for their fireplace was plugged by bird nesting, and these also can contain diseases from bird droppings. Bird droppings on car will also eat away at the paint. Bird dropping clean up should never be neglected as their are communicable bird diseases in the droppings as well.

Damage to Food Products or other Manufactured Products

Birds make their way inside a business, especially big grocery stores and manufacturing warehouses, if they become comfortable outside the building (stopping them outside is key).  These birds will leave many droppings inside. The droppings will likely will end up on product boxes, molding, and equipment, inside chemicals which makes them worthless and losses of thousand of dollars.  

Bird droppings also contaminate food that is being made or packaged. This adds more labor costs and production down time due to the continual need for clean up.

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Why are bird droppings a problem? And why is bird dropping clean up needed?

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