Bat removal

The little brown bat is the most common in the Midwest

little brown bat

The little brown bat is the most common bat in and around central Iowa.  Contrary to popular opinion, majority of bats do not carry rabies.

Droppings below their entries is the most common sign you have bats

bat droppings below entry point

Droppings below entry points is proof of a bat problem. Bat Droppings resemble tiny tootsie rolls.  When squished they fall apart to insect pieces. 

Bats often use vents for entries

bat entering home through vent

We install screens over entry points and a one-way bat device (this allows bats out but not back in).

Structures have many entry points for bats

diagram of bat entry points

Bats find many openings. They only need a gap an inch wide and 1/2" thick to gain entry into a structure. The Bat Professionals at Midwest Bird Control are experts at identifying these areas and sealing them appropriately.  

We're often asked: "How much does bat removal cost?"  It depends on many factors such as house size, gaps, etc.

Stop asking how to get rid of bats in my attic and call us today.  We Can Help!

Bat control requires working at great heights

Bat removal often requires working at great heights.

Bat homes are often out of reach of 28 to 32 foot ladders. Aerial lifts are commonly required to reach places inhabited by bats. The Midwest Bird Control Team are trained and certified in lift use. 

Maternal colony with pups

Maternal colony with bat pups

Mid May to mid August is bat breeding season. Bats usually make their excursions after August 15 to make sure babies can exit the structure.

"How do I get rid of bats?"

At Midwest Bird Control we often get asked how much bat removal costs. This will depend on many factors such as the size of the structure, the number of gaps, and other variables. 

Your best solution is to contact Midwest Bird Control to assess your property. Stop asking "How do I get rid of bats in my attic?" and call Midwest Bird Control today!  We'll eliminate your bat problem.

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