Utility warehouse Lean-To Bird netting

Inspection for Effective Installation

bird problem inspection

Our inspection revealed that the previous bird deterrents were ineffective. The previous bird removal company installed spikes (pictured is bird spikes covered in bird nesting materials), bird eye balloons, and audio deterrents when the birds were already there.  

They tried a bird deterrent that is designed to keep birds away before they become a problem.  This was a useless technology for the situation. The bird problem continued and that's why they called Midwest Bird Control.  

Necessary Bird Dropping Clean Up

Bird droppings must be cleaned up.

Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but also present several risks. They can carry diseases, become slippery, and they are acidic.  

They are hazardous and must be removed before any installation work can be done. Skipping the clean up is never an option for the Midwest Bird Control Team.

Safety is #1

We maintain safety during bird removal jobs.

The most important aspect of any job is safety and compliance.  This job required the use of a scissor lift. The Midwest Bird Control Team used fall protection harnesses as well as hard hats and safety glasses.  We are prepared to wear the necessary PPE for any job including flame retardant clothing.  

Netting Installation Process

Beginning the bird netting installation.

This job required eight different nets to be installed on the underside of the lean-to as well as on the two vertical walls.  

Bird Barrier StealthNet Bird netting keeps birds out of areas that provide opportunities to nest and roost. This job required over 6,600 square feet.

Bird Netting Project Completed

Completed the bird netting project.

This utility company's warehouse is now protected against any size bird. Prior to the installation, equipment, product, or vehicles  parked inside the warehouse were at risk of being contaminated by bird droppings. Now their property is protected from damage caused by bird droppings

Netting is Discrete

The installed bird netting is discrete.

Once the bird netting was installed, the customer was happy with how discrete, but effective it was.

After this project was completed they contracted Midwest Bird Control to handle their three other locations in the spring of 2018.

Bird Netting Installed Underneath Football Stadium


football stadium inspected for bird netting installation

When this job was inspected in 2004 birds were nesting in many areas under the stadium. Midwest Bird Control was required to work flexible hours to accommodate the University's schedules.  

Netting Installation Started

The football stadium net installation was started.

Installing the bird netting under the stadium presented different challenges. We had to work around the anchors in the cement and the stadium was rounded so we had to compensate to attach the net successfully. We completely wore out one Milwaukee Hammer Drill on this job. 

Working 40 Feet High

Installing the bird netting underneath the stadium required we work 40 feet off the ground.

This job required the use of a 60 foot drivable lift. Installation required working 40 feet off the ground. And many places were as high as 60 feet.  Some areas required 32 foot ladders in order to access them.  

Over 6,600 Square Feet of Netting

120 hours to complete bird netting installation

The product installed was Bird B Gone 3/4" black netting, cable, and hardware. We installed over 6,600 square feet of bird netting.

Netting Job Completed

The bird netting is still effective after 13 years.

This picture was taken in May of 2017: 13 years after the netting was installed. It's still protecting the stadium and the people that walk under it daily. They've been without a bird mess for 13 years now.

Bird Netting Installed over Freshman High School Entrance


freshman high school entrance inspection

The inspection revealed starlings nesting inside pockets created where the roof touched the support beams. Droppings made a mess of the walk way and birds often flew at students when walking into school.

Cleaning of Bird Droppings and Nests

cleaning the site of bird droppings prior to installation

After the initial inspection, and prior to installation, the Midwest Bird Control Team cleans the site. A clean site looks good and provides safe working conditions.

Installation of Netting Started

beginning the bird netting installation

The Midwest Bird Control Team had to work when the students were not there for safety reasons. We work around customers' schedules to get the job done right.

Bird Netting Installed

bird netting installed above the freshman high school's entry way

Properly installed bird netting looks professional and discrete. It will maintain its appearance and keep birds out for many years.

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