Bird in Vent


Majority of damage that starlings cause is in the spring/summer when they are nesting to lay their eggs.  

Starlings are the most common bird to be caught in a vent. They build nest in bathroom vents, dryer vents, and gas fireplace vents that keep the vent from working (potentially causing carbon monoxide build up). They also bring in bird mites, droppings, and dust that can enter the living area of the home.  

We can clean out the vent up to 30 feet long. This removes the nest, any eggs or young, and the adult bird. We then seal the vent on the outside with a plastic bird guard.  

Bird in vent service: $225.00 + tax  

Each additional vent that needs protected is $45.00 + tax per vent.  An inspection will determine if any nests are in others before installing the guard. 

This includes the cost of a lift rental if needed to safely access the vent to do the work. 

This service is only available within 1 hour of Des Moines, IA.  

The first picture above illustrates how a vent will appear when a bird is going in and out of it.  The second picture is the inside nesting that stops up the vent.  The third picture is after the vent is cleaned out. The fourth picture shows a functioning vent and that is guarded effectively.

Fireplace vents are taken apart, cleaned, put back together and screened to keep birds out of them to take away the carbon monoxide possibility from backflow.  $225.00 + tax for this service or $95.00 + tax if combined with other vents being worked on.


 We had a bird's nest blocking our gas fireplace vent on the back of a walkout ranch and had no idea who to call to get it removed.  After trying to contact two other companies and receiving no responses, we found Midwest Bird Control.  They got back to us quickly, expressing concern that our situation could lead to carbon monoxide buildup.  We already knew this, but hadn't mentioned it, so after the lack of response from the other companies, it was obvious that Midwest genuinely cares about their customers.  They were able to come out within just a couple of days to remove the nest and secure the vent from future nests.  They will be our go-to should we or someone we know need their services in the future . 

Stephanie, Urbandale, IA